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Famous Faces Get Arty

From artists to athletes, and actors to explorers, we are extremely grateful to all of our Famous Faces.  Each one of them has generously lent their time and support to Face Britain because they passionately believe that all young people should have the opportunity to be inspired by the arts. 

Our Famous Faces will be creating their very own self portraits for Face Britain.  So to see a self portrait by Quentin Blake, Amir Khan, Jeremy Irons and everyone else involved, keep coming back to visit 

Karen David

Karen David

Karen David is an English actress and singer-songwriter, best known for portraying Francesca Montoya in the BBC1, BAFTA nominated series, Waterloo Road and as the lead heroine, Layla, in The Scorpion King 2. She is currently working on her album, The Girl In The Pink Glasses, and is excited about her second season of comedy series, Pixelface, produced by Graham Norton's, So Television.

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